Program Overview

The 5th World Congress on Agroforestry will be held on July 17th-20th, 2022, in Québec City, Canada.


The congress will take place in Québec City at the Québec Conference Centre and the virtual counterpart will be delivered over a professional platform, Zoom, and will be managed by an experienced technical team. The congress platform will offer all the in-person sessions content to the virtual attendees who will be able to use online features such as text-based chat and Q&A box for live questions to presenters. All virtual registered attendees will attend the congress events and navigate between the technical sessions by entering a virtual room via the online program (a link will be sent a few days before the event).

All Plenary and Parallel Sessions will consist of onsite oral presentations only, given live from the Conference Centre as scheduled in the online congress program. Speakers will be present for their entire session in order to answer questions and participate in any discussions with onsite as well as virtual attendees.

Posters presented in the form of short video capsules must be pre-recorded and will be available at any time in the online conference program. Attendees will have the option to click on the name of the authors to email any comments or questions.

Printed posters displayed onsite will be presented live from the Conference Centre as scheduled in the online congress program. The authors also have the option to submit a short video capsule for virtual attendees which will be available at any time in the online congress program.

All registered virtual attendees can attend all technical sessions and switch from one session to another at will. Virtual participants access the session of their choice by entering a virtual Zoom room via a hyperlink in the online program.

Each session will be moderated by a chairperson. Virtual participants will be able to use a Q&A box to ask questions during the presentations. The session’s chairperson will then select questions from people onsite as well as from virtual attendees, depending on the time allocated for the discussion, and will read them to the presenter, who will be able to answer verbally during the session.

All sessions will be fully recorded for post-conference streaming so that all registered attendees will be able to revisit the sessions and catch up on the presentations that they have missed for up to three months after the event. Please note that we automatically assume that presenters accept that their recorded presentation will be made available to participants for post-conference streaming on the 2022 World Congress on Agroforestry virtual platform. In case of refusal, presenters need to notify us at by May 31, 2022.