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F Sinclair

Fergus Sinclair

Fergus Sinclair is a researcher at World Agroforestry. He leads the Centre's research on trees contribution to the productivity of agricultural systems and the lives of rural communities. He is also co-organizer of the transformative partnership platform on agroecology, which brings together major NGOs, private companies and governments to promote and highlight the benefits of agroecology. Dr. Sinclair also works with Bangor University, Wales, UK through a research partnership with the School of the Environment, Natural Resources and Geography, and is a visiting professor at the Latin American Centre for Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education (CATIE) in Costa Rica. He is best known for his pioneering research on systematic acquisition and use of local knowledge and the development and application of systems methods in agricultural development, including measurement and modelling of complex systems at field, farm, livelihood and landscape scales, encompassing both ecological and human dimensions. He will address policy and institutional aspects that enable a better transition to truly agroecological and resilient agricultural and food systems.

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